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Reduce the downtime of your skid steers with high-quality rubber tracks and parts.

Heavy-Duty Skid Steer
Tracks and Parts

Keep your skid steers running safely and effectively with our durable skid steer tracks and parts. As a reputable provider of OEM rubber skid steer tracks, attachments, and components, we guarantee our products adhere to the highest standards and are manufactured with a focus on durability. We have a variety of skid steer tracks and parts, including:

  • Rubber tracks for virtually all skid steer makes and models
  • Over-the-tire tracks
  • Idler wheels
  • Track shoes
  • Track guards
  • Track rollers
  • Sprockets
  • Track tensioners and more

Rubber Tracks & Parts for All Heavy Machinery Brands

We carry OEM rubber tracks and parts for all major skid steer loader brands.

The Benefits Of Our Skid Steer Rubber Tracks & Parts

When you choose Force Heavy Equipment as your skid steer tracks and parts provider, you can enjoy the benefits highlighted below.

Comprehensive Warranty

We provide a 24-month warranty on all our skid steer tracks and parts.

Bulk Order Discount

Receive discount pricing when you purchase skid steer tracks and parts in bulk.

Flat Rate Installs

Experience the convenience and transparency of flat-rate skid steer tracks and parts installation. For pricing information, please contact us.

What Our Customers Say

“We just recently purchased some over the tire tracks for our skid steer, not only were Jonas and Michelle a pleasure to do business with,  their customer service was outstanding as well. We ordered our over the tire skid steer tracks and they were in fast – what was even better was that they even delivered them right to our yard!! Now that is customer service! Friendly and so considerate of everything!!!”

- Crystal Makaruk

“Placed order Tuesday night and it was delivered to my door on Vancouver Island Thursday morning. Excellent price”

- Linda Williams

“The owners are great to work with.  I needed a set of tracks that were special order as the unit I own is imported and not common to North America.  Jonas was excellent to work with.  Other companies couldn’t be bothered with the extra hassle or doing the extra work of phone calls to find me the right ones.  Force delivered the tracks, they were 100% identical.  So that was awesome.  When I got a quote from the equipment manufacturer overseas, it was double of the quote I received from Jonas. Thanks Force Heavy Equipment.”

- Martin Van de Pol

Why Choose Force Heavy Equipment

Force Heavy Equipment is Canada’s leading OEM replacement parts company for heavy-duty equipment, including skid steers, excavators, compact track loaders, and more. You can take advantage of the following features and benefits when you choose Force Heavy Equipment.

We have the most extensive inventory of OEM parts in Canada, with warehouse locations in Calgary, Edmonton, and Delta. Whether you require tracks for a single skid steer or an entire fleet of heavy-duty machines, we have all the parts you need.

Force Heavy Equipment has been Canada’s #1 choice for high-quality undercarriage parts for 15+ years.

Rely on our team of experts to provide professional guidance and support in selecting the correct tracks and parts that align with your specific machinery requirements.

We carry OEM rubber tracks and parts for skid steers and are the leading supplier of steel undercarriage parts and agriculture tracks across Canada. We’ll help keep your entire fleet moving!

Purchase skid steer rubber tracks and take advantage of complimentary shipping Canada-wide.

Get a Quote for Skid Steer Tracks & Parts Today!

Eliminate downtime and get back in business sooner with our quality OEM skid steer tracks and parts. Our team of experts can provide an accurate quote or onsite assessment to ensure you get the right tracks and parts for your equipment.

Please note all of our price quotes include freight; some exceptions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do skid steer tracks last?2023-06-27T19:41:25+00:00

The longevity of skid steer tracks depends on where the skid steer is operating. If the skid steer operates in harsh terrain, the tracks may need to be replaced more often than if the skid steer is working on flat ground. On average, skid steer tracks last 600-2,000 hours.

Are tracks smoother than tires on a skid steer?2023-06-27T19:40:57+00:00

Tracks typically provide a smoother ride than tires in terrains like mud, snow, or wet grass. However, tires may offer a smoother ride when used on hard and flat surfaces such as asphalt or pavement.

How do I choose skid steer tracks?2023-06-27T19:40:35+00:00

There are a variety of considerations when choosing skid steer tracks, including: 

  • Make and model of your skid steer
  • Size
  • Width
  • Tread patterns
  • Rubber vs. steel tracks

Contact us if you need help deciding which skid steer track replacement part works best for you and your machine’s needs!

Do you have parts for any other machinery?2023-06-27T19:40:05+00:00

Yes, we have a diverse range of parts for a variety of machines. Whether you need compact track loader tracks, belts for agriculture machines, rubber tracks for skid steers, or more, we have you covered! Feel free to contact us to learn more about the products we carry.

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